While it’s important not to feel the pressure to follow trends as a newly engaged couple, it’s interesting to be aware about what’s new so you can make your own decisions and ensure your wedding looks fresh.  Today, one of our fabulous suppliers – renowned cake designer Peggy Porschen gives her insight into what she feels will be important for cakes this year…


“I would say it’s very important to keep creative and to develop your own style, always learning and using new techniques. You have to keep evolving in order to stay on top of your game, but equally I am very careful to stay true to my signature look and feel, it’s what I’m known for and what brides in particular come to me for. If I were to lose this I would lose my identity as a cake maker. It’s really important to bring out new collections on a regular basis and I’m working on my next wedding collection at the moment and I’m so excited to share it. The designs are distinctively Peggy Porschen, but new, refreshed and progressive”.

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What inspires you Peggy?

“I take a lot of inspiration from the catwalks and I’m basically a typical girl! I love anything pretty, dainty or feminine. Anything can inspire me from beautiful floristry to vintage tea cups or stationery – just whatever catches my eye can influence my next design”.


What key details do you feel will be important for 2015 in cake design?

“I think flowers will continue to dominate, I find a lot of brides ask for a bouquet of different blooms as opposed to one flower and one colour. I have also noticed that there is a trend towards the traditional tiered cake, brides are opting for elegant and understated designs which display detailed craftsmanship and skill. It’s mainly the size and shape that is changing – cakes are becoming more contemporary and architectural in structure and designs are less fussy and more graphic with tiers of varying heights/shapes”.

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Are you seeing your clients asking to incorporate personal touches in the design?

“Customers are now more demanding due to increased choice in the industry and creative requests have certainly increased. I think cakes have become much more of a status symbol at an event, just like the venue or dress, the cake can set the tone. My clients are increasingly requesting personalise touches to their cakes, for example brides are bringing in swatches of lace fabric from their dress which I can then recreate in sugar and decorate the cake with. Others bring in a grandmother’s broach which I incorporate into the cake design”.

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What about the ever popular dessert tables, do you feel these are going to continue?

“Definitely, we’re noticing a huge trend towards these at parties and events, with lots of yummy little bites and bakes surrounding a centrepiece rather than simply one large cake. We are also having more requests for Baby Shower cakes and cookies than ever before for 2015”.

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Peggy’s beautiful designs can be seen on their website: www.peggyporschen.com

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Photos supplied by Peggy Porschen, photographer – Georgia Glynn Smith