Being part of the wedding industry we attend a wide variety of different events and exhibitions, and one of the most recent includes the Square Meal Venue & Events show, which takes place at Old Billingsgate in London.  As well as a large number of venues and suppliers exhibiting, the show also hosts bite-sized seminars on varying topics relating to the events industry.  I went along to the ‘Food & Drink Trends 2013’ talk which was hosted by a range of leading caterers and restaurateurs.  I wanted to share some of these thoughts with you today as they could provide inspiration for your wedding reception next year:

  • Street food is incredibly popular at present and a growing trend.  Gone are the days of this meaning a greasy burger or hot dog, but young chefs are offering restaurant-quality dishes at take-away prices.  The food is also served from unusual stalls and trailers which makes it more interesting.
  • Following on from this is the food station which is a great way of providing interactivity between the chef and guests, it’s about creating an experience and a bit of theatre.  In addition to serving canapés at your wedding reception, why not have a chef carving smoked salmon on show whilst guests help themselves to mini blinis, caviar and sour cream?
  • Replacing organic food in the popularity stakes is sustainable options instead, which means avoiding so much waste and ensuring produce is locally and ethically sourced.  We’re all more conscious of this nowadays so why not continue this ethos in your wedding?  The caterer Eden is particularly renowned for offering this type of food and they were on the panel offering their insights.
  • Molecular food isn’t a new concept but still a very fun addition to a wedding and tends to work best in small doses but will certainly add that quirky touch and wow factor.  Bubble Food is one of the leaders in this and they can create a whole host of exciting canapés, and dishes such as Gold Porcini Risotto with Chervil Hot Jelly & Beetroot Air, Chaud-froid Smoked Salad Niçoise in a Martini Glass and Red Rose Trifle with Freeze-dried  Raspberries would certainly create a talking point!
  • In terms of drinks, it’s great to have interesting options available at your drinks reception.  We all love a glass of Champagne but why not add a Hibiscus flower to it for example, or have your barman creating your signature cocktail on show at the bar?
  • Other more unusual drink ideas include alcoholic jelly shots such as Gin & Tonic or alcoholic sorbets which can be a fun addition to the drinks offering.

What are your thoughts…? x