It’s always interesting to know what’s going to be important within food and drinks, so we asked one of our fabulous catering suppliers – Caper & Berry for their thoughts and we’ve included some of our own too…

What’s hot?

The sourcing of food remains a strong influence – especially when it comes to meat, so concentrate on the heritage of the product.

Raw and Vegan food – this is starting to creep into the event catering world so watch this space!

Fresh and healthy “super foods” – these look visually interesting and colourful so make a great choice for canapés or as part of the evening options. Being a lighter option also means your guests can dance the night away!


Rustic/Less formal dining – although sit down meals are still the preference, some clients are choosing sharing platters as a summer alternative.

Food vans – whether it be throughout the reception or used for the late night snacks, food vans are increasing in popularity. Think ice cream vans, burrito and gourmet burger vans, all of which help to add a bit of theatre and interaction amongst guests.

food van

Brunch – weddings and events aren’t just for the afternoon.  Although lunches and dinner are still the most popular time to sit down, we have started to notice that brunch is becoming a big thing.

Truffle – The ingredient of the moment.  It’s amazing in risottos, or what about having truffle burgers, truffle chips or truffle mac n’ cheese?

Essentially – if the food can make your guest interact then you’re onto a winner!

The Drink’s Reception
As with the food, drink stations are superb – think prosecco bars, infused water and cocktails, a lemonade bar of even a Gin bar such as the one shown below by Sipmsith. The more thought that is put into what people are drinking throughout the day – the more your guests enjoy the experience.



When considering what food to offer at this stage, keep in mind the following:

Big bold flavours in small bites

High visual impact – make the canapés interesting and colourful

Interactive options – food stations in addition to canapés can be a real treat for guests and they add a touch of theatre to the proceedings.

They are a chance to explore other food styles, as you don’t have to be tied to your wedding breakfast menu. Perhaps you love travelling so could incorporate a Thai fusion for example within the canapés then have Spanish inspired food stations as well.




It’s a time to do something different – make sure you finish the meal in style.

Impactful and beautiful dessert stations are continuing to be very popular and mean your guests can choose various sweet treats rather than just one.

Let your guest eat a leisurely dessert with lots of different flavours whilst enjoying each other’s company.

Look at serving a signature cocktail such as an espresso Martini or a dessert wine at this stage



dessert table



Herbal teas, infusions and decaffeinated options should always be available.

Vintage coffee vans can add real theatre and a touch of fun.

Always serve a good chocolate with the coffee as they complement the taste beautifully.

coffee van


Top Tips in Selecting your Menu for 2016/17

Be bold – it’s your event so choose foods that you enjoy rather than something boring and obvious that’s a ‘safer option’.

Look at the timings of the day and make sure that your guests are kept well fed and watered throughout.

Be innovative and remember that food can be a great ice breaker. Create a talking point and something your guests will remember.


Image Credits

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