Some wedding traditions have become less popular over the years, but what about the rules of wearing white as a wedding guest?  Black and white have always been the colours to avoid – black being too funereal and white being kept for the bride to ensure she stands out.  While strict etiquette states that these colours should be avoided, black is certainly more acceptable than it used to be, and the argument for an all-white outfit may be if the dress is simply very ‘un-bridal’ then it could be okay. Interestingly enough there is an article on Maire Claire’s website about dresses for wedding guests, that does in fact include a couple of all-white options.

What if a bride chose not to wear white though? We’ve seen designers such as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta showcase bold red and blue creations on the catwalk in recent seasons, so in this instance then it would be more acceptable for a guest’s outfit to be white instead, although clearly you wouldn’t know the bride’s choice of colour before the wedding.  The majority of brides however do still opt for a shade of white so you’re almost certainly treading on dangerous ground.

A large proportion of guests will still hold the traditional view of white being a faux-pas, but wearing white as part of a printed dress or having a white jacket in my opinion is fine as long as it isn’t the over-riding colour. To avoid ruffling any feathers at all though, there are plenty of other colours to choose from, so perhaps leave white to the bride….

white maxi dress

               Image from Maire Claire


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Prince William at The Memphis Country Club

           Image from Hello magazine

blk & white, carolina herrera

                Image from Vogue, dress by Carolina Herrera SS14