Look magazine

Look magazine got in touch to ask us to contribute to their article about the rise of the power proposals and here’s what we had to say…

“What bride doesn’t want her wedding to be the most memorable day of her life?  The same goes for the proposal.

The chances are she’s dreamt about it for a long time so it needs to be the heartfelt fairy tale – asking her at your local pub really won’t do.    It’s also hard not to feel that pressure of having a brilliant story to tell people when their first question is, “so how did he propose?”

As couples strive to make their big day unique and personal to them, the sense of one-upmanship starts before the wedding planning has even begun.  Rather than the traditional romantic break away to propose, grooms are finding more elaborate and unusual alternatives.  They don’t have to be expensive, but they can add that element of surprise and in fact be more personal.  Social Media such as Facebook and YouTube also play a big part in the rise of different ways to pop the question, who can forget the amazing proposal on the London underground?!”

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