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Rachel from ‘Rachelle’s Cakes’ asks us about why a bride (and groom) might need a wedding planner…to read the full article click here


How did you become a Wedding Planner?

I started my career working for the French designer Roland Mouret and worked on London Fashion Week which was amazing, and gave me my first taste of event planning.  I then moved into Fashion Buying and worked in that industry for a number of years, but during that time I became more and more involed in the event side of the business which was my true passion, and arranged company Christmas balls to retail conferences.  I was then asked to assist in planning a wedding and that’s when the light bulb moment came for me as I realised this was what I was born to do!  I received a couple of referrals from that first wedding and through a lot of hard work and determination it developed from there.  I then set up my own company – ‘Cranberry Blue Weddings’ in 2009.

How does a Wedding Planner help?

  1. Where would you like me to start?!  Firstly I would say that we have the knowledge and experience in how to successfully organise a wedding.  As the majority of couples won’t have done this before then how would you know where to start, what to do or what pitfalls to avoid?  I always say to potential clients – do you want to look back on your wedding day and be disappointed or say ‘I wish we’d done that differently’? (The answer is probably not).
  2. We can save you a lot of money – a wedding is undeniably an expensive occasion where costs can easily escalate, but through our connections and tough negotiations we can help you stay within budget and secure some fantastic deals for you.
  3. We can save you a lot of time – planning a wedding is a complex task and it’s easy to under-estimate the time it actually takes. You can avoid spending hours trawling the internet and attending bridal fairs to try to find those perfect suppliers that fit your budget and taste.  You also have the confidence that all of the suppliers we work with are reliable and of a high calibre so will get the best end result and won’t let you down.
  4. We can allieviate the stress involved – as there are so many things to arrange it’s hard to know where to begin and at various points you can easily feel completely over-whelmed. We help to guide you through the process as to what needs to be looked at and when, so that you can actually enjoy the planning stages.

What is the best part of your job?

Mmm that’s a tough one but I’d probably say creating the design concept and making it a reality.  I love the fact that every wedding is unique so even if a couple wants a similar to look to another, then I always create a completely new design concept and never do the same thing twice.

How do you deal with an indecisive Bride?

This is actually quite a common occurance but I work with her to discuss the different options and find out exactly what it is that she wants.  Sometimes people don’t know initially, but it’s helping them work through this process until they are happy.  I would give my opinion as to what I think would work best for them which helps to give them confidence in making the right decision.

How do you help when it comes to choosing a cake?

Also one of the fun bits of planning a wedding (how can you not love a cake tasting?!)  I discuss my clients ideas with them in terms of style and flavours, sometimes they have a very clear idea about what they’d like but others aren’t so sure.  In this instance I would make suggestions about the type of cake I can see working with the overall theme.  From here I then propose which cake designers would best fit their required style and also budget.  I tend to include a suggestion that may stretch them a bit as quite often they are surprised and end up choosing something a bit different.

What was the most fun Wedding you ever worked on?

Tricky one but probably a wedding in Austin, Texas a couple of years ago.  The Bride was American but they both lived in London so wanted someone they coould work closely with over here.  It was super to not have to worry about the weather as it was guaranteed to be boiling hot so everything was outside.  The details were really fun as we served ice tea as one of the reception drinks, the bride arrived in a yellow taxi, the guests had a short dance lesson with the swing band, and then at the end of the night the couple made their way to a horse drawn carriage through a line of sparklers