Product Launches

At Cranberry Blue, we offer an impeccable event organising service. We have many years of experience in organising weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and product launches. Our team are highly trained and have a creative passion for designing and organising your dream event to the highest standard.

If you are launching a new product and need to make a huge impact to reflect your business and your product we know the importance of making a great first or consistent impression. Product launches are beneficial to give that initial push on your new product, to reflect the success of your business and to broaden your future client base. A product launch attracts great company and product attention, not only does it inform existing clients about your new product but attracts press for your company for new potential customers. It also not only allows for a new customer base, it opens up potential new business relationships, which is particularly beneficial for new businesses and potential new investments. They also have the potential to increase your revenue so that it will cover the costs of the launch, marketing and hopefully the development too. If you host a professional, flawless, unforgettable event this will contribute towards your company’s reputation and give you a great company image and this is what we aim to help you do.

Product launches can be a stressful thing to organise and our aim is to share that burden with you and reduce your stress levels. We have full or partial planning services depending on how much or how little control you want over your event. Our full process involves every aspect from the venue to sourcing all the suppliers, creating a theme or design concept, making sure every detail falls into place and then we will be there on the day of your launch to ensure everything runs as smoothly as planned. This minimises your stress levels and allows you to focus on creating relationships and interacting with the people that could be your potential new customers. We manage the whole process in terms of themes, décor, food, entertainment, staging, lighting etc. One of our designers will map out your ideas and your brand as a base for their plans; you will then discuss together your vision for the launch. We aim to accommodate for your needs and requirements whilst providing a fresh creative idea to make it an event to remember.

After our years of experience, we have built up a vast network of suppliers who will source decorations, food, materials, lighting, music, furniture, flowers etc. We have built up great relationships and therefore we can negotiate the best prices and sort all the paperwork for you to eliminate all the boring, stressful parts of the process.

If you require more information on how we manage the process or you would like a quotation please get in touch today and we can arrange a meeting. You can either call us on 02079474088 or email us at