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Today I’m really pleased to share with you a fabulous alternative to a standard wedding album from the company ‘Illustries’.  I first discovered them at the Luxury Wedding fair and really liked their original designs.  They don’t believe in dusty photo albums hidden away on shelves or treasures stored in boxes, but instead they offer beautiful, bespoke memory books that can be on show. The concept was brought together by Emma and Sam who have backgrounds in Marketing and Design, and the idea came about when Emma couldn’t find the type of photo album she wanted for her own wedding photos.

There are various styles of books to choose from, but the main difference from a more traditional album is that every detail of the couple’s story, from when they met to the wedding day itself is included.  There are unique elements such as their ‘Life Map’ (a flow chart of their relationship), Recipes for Love (Jamie, Nigella and even Gordon style), and their ‘Wedding by Numbers’ and ‘A-Z’ features (that capture all the quirky little details).

Sam makes sure that the design reflects the couple’s day in every way possible. They interview their clients and their closest family and friends to tell their story alongside their photographs.  They use bespoke designs and graphics to create a unique book or magazine that echoes their wedding theme. Every element of their day is included, from vows, readings and speeches to the cake and decorations.

To find out more, go to their website at or get in touch with Emma or Sam (who are both lovely) at  x

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