To help our bride and grooms put together a modern and stylish gift list for their wedding we’ve asked one of our suppliers, Blue Ribbon, to tell us what trends they’re seeing in home decor and how to translate those into a fantastic bridal registry, so it’s over to founders Esther Rulli and Zsofia Jamieson…


“Spring / Summer 2016 season calls for a fresh and unstilted look and here we will demonstrate to you how to achieve that – and show what are the must-have items to add to your wedding gift list.


Image: Frette

Spring is a perfect time to introduce colour to your table settings, and there is a variety of ways to do so. One of the key looks this season are pastel shades: ice-cream tones of mint, blue, pink and yellow translate beautifully into home decor. Soft yet sophisticated colours evoke the spirit of spring – we suggest mixing your pastels to create a modern and chic look. The French and German porcelain makers have perfected the elegant pastels look, and Raynaud, Meissen and Nymphenburg are our top choices.


Image: Daniel Lindh for Blue Ribbon


Image: Raynaud

For bed linens, we love the delicate silks of La Perla, who’ve translated their sensual lingerie into exquisite bed linens.


Images: La Perla Home

Frette’s sophisticated tones and superb finishes lend understated sophistication to pastels.


Image: Frette

White & Blue
Denim continues to be a much-loved hue by the fashion editors, and shades of blue – indigo, navy, cerulean and turquoise – are a great way to create an elegant and up-to-date table setting. For a clean and crisp look, add a touch of blue to your basic white, either by choosing a white-and-blue pattern, or by mixing in solid white and solid blue pieces. Ralph Lauren and Raynaud have a great selection of navy- and turquoise-accented porcelain. For coloured glassware we suggest exploring British heritage brands such as Waterford, or the famed Italian Murano glassblowers, such as Nason Moretti.

blue plates

Images clock-wise, left to right: Ralph Lauren, Nymphenburg, Raynaud, Waterford

We’re seeing a lot of striped patterns on the runway and encourage you to introduce stripes and bands to your home, too: from thin, multi-coloured chevron of Missoni’s chic designs, to bold, modern monochrome painted lines of Lacroix Home and Sieger by Furstenberg.


Images: Sieger by Furstenberg

Christian Lacroix Arts de la table - Love Who You Want collection by Neil Bicknell 3

Image: Christian Lacroix Home


Images: Missoni Home

New Florals
We’re seeing designers exploring floral themes and giving them a modern twist – from Frette, an Italian linens company, reworking a 19th century Chinese embroidered silk pattern for its latest collectable linens range, to Missoni mixing digital and flower and butterfly motifs. For nature-inspired hand-embroidered napkins, runners and custom-made tablecloths, our favourites are Gayle Warwick and Renaissance, who have an unparalleled offering and exquisite designs.


Image: Missoni Home


Images: Renaissance

Our most important tip? Remember to have fun with your interiors! And if you ever need a little help, our experts would be delighted to offer you ideas and assistance”.

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Esther Rulli and Zsofia Jamieson are co-founders of Blue Ribbon Company. Blue Ribbon offers beautiful homeware from 80 luxury brands and ships worldwide.