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So what makes a baby shower extra special?

Welcoming a new addition to your family is a precious and memorable moment for every parent. And celebrating this with a baby shower is a great way of sharing your joyous news with your friends and family. However, organising this kind of celebration can be quite taxing especially if you’re someone who is looking for an extravagant and lavish celebration, then a luxury baby shower is what you need. Cranberry Blue can help.

Why do people celebrate Baby Showers?

Baby showers are held to honour and celebrate the impending birth of a child. They allow loved ones to come together and shower the expecting mother with love and support. They also give guests the opportunity to bring gifts for the baby, which will be useful during the early stages of parenthood.

What is a Luxury Baby Shower?

A luxury baby shower is a celebration for expecting mothers that aims to provide an extravagant and memorable experience. This type of baby shower includes beautiful and lavish decorations, fine food, extravagant gifts and a special venue. The goal is to provide the expectant mother and her guests with a personal and memorable experience.

What’s the difference between a Baby Shower and a Gender Reveal?

A baby shower is a party held to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. A gender reveal party on the other hand, is planned to inform family and friends of the baby’s gender. While both celebrations are exciting, a baby shower honours both the mother and the baby, whereas a gender reveal honours only the baby.

Why should you have a Luxury Baby Shower party planner?

Putting on a luxury baby shower takes a lot of time and effort. Hiring a luxury baby shower party planner is the obvious choice if you are too busy at work or lack the necessary skills to plan an extravagant celebration. A party planner can help you realise your vision and handle all of the details, such as venue selection, decorations, catering, entertainment, guest list and timings on the day.

What are the advantages of using a Luxury Baby Shower party planner?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a luxury baby shower party planner. Firstly, they have a large network of trusted suppliers, so they’re able to hand-pick those most suited to you. Secondly, they have the knowledge and experience to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise. Finally, they can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for you and your guests that simply wouldn’t be possibly without their help.

Why should you choose Cranberry Blue for your Luxury Baby Shower party planning?

Cranberry Blue is renowned as being one of the best luxury event planners in the UK so are perfectly placed to be your luxury baby shower party planner. They have over 15 years’ worth of experience in the industry and have planned numerous high-end events, including luxury baby showers. They work with the best partners in the industry to give you and your guests a unique and unforgettable experience.

If you’re an expectant mother or dear friend and you want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in style, consider throwing a luxury baby shower. Contact Cranberry Blue to arrange a consultation by emailing enquiries@cranberryblue.co.uk, or calling 0044 (0)207 4119 819.

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Wow what an incredible afternoon! Our baby shower was a dream from start to finish and even better than we'd ever envisaged. It was the perfect mix of elegance with a relaxed atmosphere and was wonderful to share that experience with our nearest and dearest - thank you!

Quentin Esme Brown