We design and plan all manner of luxury events from private parties such as a milestone birthday, baby shower, anniversary party, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah or a corporate Christmas party, gala dinner or product launch for example

So what makes an event ‘luxury’ and what’s the difference between a luxury event and just an ‘event’?

As one of the top event planning companies, we are lucky to work with clients who want a luxury event and this in turn means we need to design, plan, and create something truly exceptional that goes above and beyond very high expectations in all areas. Luxury events typically work to much larger budgets, require a far higher level of creativity, are considerably more complex and guests expect immersive experiences, all of which are created using the highest quality suppliers to deliver a flawless end result.  

The key to luxury though is centered around exclusivity, and the feeling that not everyone is able to access or have the experience that the brand is offering. Luxury is not however just about quality and how much something costs. While the large-scale aspects are incredibly important to each and every event we plan, it’s also just as important to consider the small personal touches that enhance every guest’s experience and makes them feel valued right from the beginning. It is these micro considerations that can be deemed as ‘luxury’.  Some smaller aspects you may wish to think about are:

  • Personalised perfume bottles with a signature scent 
  • Welcome hampers full of local treats and refreshments, each one personalised  
  • Signature drinks that are delivered to their room while they get ready
  • Unusual ‘order of the day/evening/weekend’ booklets or boxes to create intrigue and excitement
  • Ice-cold drinks served upon arrival at a summer event 
  • Personalised sun hats to keep them cool
  • Monogrammed pashminas for the evening to keep guests warm

As luxury event planners London, our aim is to deliver the unexpected and create experiences that go above-and-beyond our client’s vision.  Our clients are looking for experiences that genuinely reflect who they are, so are defined more by their interests and mindset.  As a result, many clients wanting an event at this level tend to look for an event planner and more often than not, an event planner London or an event planning agency such as ourselves.

Event design is an integral part of this process and we provide a bespoke service where we take our client’s initial ideas and vision, however brief and take time to get to know them, their likes and dislikes etc, before designing something unique and personal.  Being one of the leading luxury event companies London, we understand that our clients are paying for exceptional service, not only for themselves but also for their guests from start to finish.  

Even some of our highest spending clients though all want value for money so part of our role is to maximise their budget and to use it wisely to do just that.  Our clients have busy and demanding lives, so our role as event organiser and a luxury event company is to not only alleviate the stress that comes with planning a special occasion, but also allow you to really enjoy the whole process.  Founder Melanie and her team are passionate about luxury events and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure perfection. To maintain a hands-on personal approach, Melanie only accepts a limited number of clients each year which enables us to provide the unfaltering dedication required to create something truly special.

We offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of organising your event from start to finish and beyond, and each one will be quoted for on a bespoke basis depending on your requirements.  Should you also require assistance in planning a special event you have coming up such as a milestone birthday, a post COVID party, baby shower or wedding for example then we can work with you to plan these. For more information as to what our services provide, please take a look at the separate planning pages for Bespoke Planning, Styling and Consultancy or get in touch to arrange a consultation by emailing enquiries@cranberryblue.co.uk, or calling 0044 (0)207 4119 819.

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If you’ve already decided that you need a professional Planner, or equally if you’re not quite sure but would like to discuss your ideas so far then please don’t hesitate to give Melanie a call or drop us an email and we’d be delighted to help

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We had the most amazing day. It was crazy with about 280 people across three days, but it was just so magical and the attention to detail was incredible! Melanie has such a vision. we knew our wedding was going to be good, but we didn’t think it was going to be that good, it was truly awesome!

Jess & Chris Woodward-Jones