Wedding Styling

The style of your wedding is the core of the planning process. Once you decide upon a style and a colour scheme; this assists you in making the many other decisions that follow. At Cranberry Blue we specialise in Wedding Styling London because with so many inspirations from the fashion world, it is easy for us to follow new trends and recommend beautiful styles for your wedding. Melanie Helen, who has 12 years experience in fashion, events and weddings, has learned many tricks of the trade when carrying through a chosen style. We have an abundance of quirky, unique ideas that we are thrilled to share with you and these will make your wedding day memorable for you and all your guests.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you feel completely overwhelmed by the vast array of colour schemes, themes and styles that seem to be available for your wedding, then your Cranberry Blue stylist will be able to adapt their service around you. If you already have a clear idea, then we can help you develop this and transform your vision into reality. If you are unsure, then we can help you to explore your options and give you some inspiration until you find the style that is perfect for you. We work from inspiration boards where we map out the things you love, alongside our creative ideas, so you can visualise your wedding as things come together.

Deciding on your colour scheme is a vital point in the planning process, once this is chosen, many other aspects of your wedding will fall into place. The colour trends for 2015 are abundant with soft, chalky, natural tones. We have pieced together some beautiful colour portfolios; sea of blues, hint of pink, shades of grey, green and warm hues are particularly in this year. If you would prefer a vintage theme, then we also have members of our team who specialise in this specific style.

That is not to say you should follow the trends. Many people take inspiration from other areas such as their favourite colour, the season, the venue, the theme etc. Once you have decided on your dream colour scheme, we will elaborate the styling process from there.

Styling is so important for your big day as it can reflect your personality, create a certain mood or atmosphere and it will tie all the elements of the wedding together beautifully.

There then seem to be so many decisions that need to be made after this point but your styling influences them all. We will begin to look at table decorations, glassware, lighting, furniture, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, favours etc.

Your stylist will then source everything for you and ensure everything comes together perfectly on the day. We handle all the stressful parts, including the contracts, the payments and the timings. We even produce a plan for the day to give to both you and the venue so everyone knows how the day will run. To further ensure everything goes smoothly, your stylist will be there on the day, so you do not have to worry about anything other then enjoying the most special day of your life.